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About us

Welcome to a whole new world of freshness and good health! Our goal is to provide you with the freshest fruits and vegetables straight from the farm to your doorstep. Working with our partner farmers, Sophie and Grace will make living a healthy and nutritious life easy and convenient.

How to order

We have developed a new system of ordering of ordering our vegetables which will make it easier and more consistent. Everyweek we will let you know what the farmers have available, the price of the produce and based on that you can place your order. This system will guarantee that we have a steady flow of seasonal vegetables.

 Delivery Days

We have also changed our delivery days to Tuesdays for now. This is neccessary to provide a more streamlined service and reduce costs. As the number of customers grow, we will revisit the number of delivery days.  Orders must be placed latest on Fridays for delivery on Tuesdays. For large orders please contact us on any of the numbers above.


Not sure what to do with all that fresh fruit and veggie? We have added links to websites that will inspire and entertain. Fresh healthy foods have never been this exciting!! Click on to get recipe ideas and information to help you maintain a good nutritive  health.

For good healthy meals, great for keeping your 'little cardiacs' ticking along nicely, click on the Mayo Clinic's page .

If you need a mordern twist to Nigerian foods visit IQ Food Platter for interesting indigenious foods beautifully presented.

By registering and ordering from us you are inviting us to become an important part of your culinary  life and we value our partnerships.

So if you love, a variety  of fresh and nutritious vegetables Sophie and Grace is the place for you.


The Sophie & Grace Team